Global supplier of sheet metal processing systems

A global supplier of sheet metal processing systems:
4 production facilities in Italy (Sarego and Avellino), Austria (Ennsdorf) and America (Hamilton,OH)
18 operating companies for sales and technical support
1300 employees
4400 installations in 75 countries
79000 m2 of covered production space

(Data as at October 2012)

A EMO-1979 Salvagnini came to the attention of the international market presenting an S4+P4 Line: the first Sheet Metal FMS.
Salvagnini’s technology soon began to expand and various subsidiaries were opened in succession: Salvagnini France (1981), Salvagnini America (1984), Salvagnini Deutschland (1988), Salvagnini Scandinavia (1989).

The Company was founded in Milan in 1963 to manufacture hydraulic power packs. In 1968, entered the sheet metal process automation sector.
In 1975, the name was changed to Salvagnini Transferica.
Two years later, the Panel Bender (the P4) was invented: a programmable computer-controlled machine for bending a sheet of metal on all four sides.
In 1985, Salvagnini introduced Pro-Nest: the first software for the automatic nesting and optimization of punch-shearing programs.
In 1994, the L1 was introduced, using laser technology to cut sheet metal.
1997 marked the introduction of the world’s first ever robotic panel bending cell, managed by a single and totally integrated controller, allowing panels and parts to be handled flexibly and automatically (-complete integration of metal shaping machines and anthropomorphic robots, providing integrated control for automatic handling of parts and panels, and eliminating the "teaching" step of robot programming through its proprietary software).
In 1998, Salvagnini built the S2: the first punching system with a double multi-press head, a double manipulator with linear motors and a double automatic loading/unloading system.
In 2000, the L2 laser cutter with linear motors and the P4-2533 Panel Bender capable of making bends up to 330mm high were introduced.
2001-2 saw the arrival of the ROBOformER, capable of going directly from drawing to finished part simply and safely without stopping: the world's first robotic bending cell with advanced, intuitive software to orchestrate the movements of robotic loading, intricate bending actions and unloading - all accomplished with one controller and one program.
At EuroBlech-2002, Salvagnini presented a P4 Panel Bender equipped with the Advanced Bending Technology system. ABT boosts performance while simplifying operation and reducing energy consumption.
In 2003 a new, high capacity panel bender, the P4-3216ABT went into production. Able to bend sheets up to 3200mm long and to achieve bend heights of 165mm, the P4-3216 is an automated, flexible alternative for many operations previously assigned only to press brakes.
In 2004 Salvagnini introduced the P4-2525ABT to the market at the Lamiera show in Bologna, Italy. This panel bender makes bends up to 250mm high.
In 2005: the Perfomer H16 ABT, a compact panel bender to make bends up to 165mm high.
In 2010: the L3 fiber laser cutter.

Trade fairs are a regular and significant appointment for Salvagnini. The company is present at the key-fairs in its sector: Lamiera, for the Italian market and Mediterranean basin; Euroblech, which is of international importance; Fabtech in the USA; Corte & Conformação in Brazil; Metalforming in Japan; Cimt in China; Metalloobrabotka in Russia; IMTEX in India...

Salvagnini Panel Benders, Punching Machines and Punching/Shearing/Bending Systems


An efficient bending cell - combining universal tooling, responsive software and agile material handling into a single operation.
Its advantages: fast cycle times, an unlimited number of bends than can be programmed into a single cycle, excellent repeatability enabling tight tolerances, quick setup for new parts ...
The Advanced Bending Technology (ABT) directs all bending activities ensuring constant angles, eliminating potential dimensional tolerance problems, monitoring environmental changes and making the necessary adjustments to maintain accuracy and consistency.

The P4 tools can be set up in different ways to meet the user’s production needs. (Configurability also depends on preferences in terms of loading/unloading and on the machine model.)

Special production needs, or panels of a complex nature, make using special tools an industrial necessity.
Some limitations can be overcome with the T or P and CLA options or with special blades. The T or P option is a mechanism that can insert and remove an auxiliary tool under the blankholder quickly and automatically.
There are tools for radius and tubular bends and for other requirements.

The CUT option can be used to produce a number of profiles or narrow panels, even all different from each other, starting from a single sheet. This it does by making separation cuts after each sequence of bends that give the profile its shape. Using the CUT option, therefore, one can create and produce profiles that would otherwise be hard to produce on a Panel Bender (given their dimensional difficulty).
In terms of operation, the CUT option uses a T/P tool in the shape of a plate and a cutting blade placed over the lower bending blade.

The blankholder is modular, from the minimum to the maximum length, and can be composed in steps. In operational terms, it is responsible for clamping the blank, for high-quality bending, for disengaging the sheet and for withdrawing from the bends made as quickly as possible. The central part is shaped to give the manipulator as much room as possible to advance.
The manual version, referred to as MLA (Manual Length Adjustment), enables quick, ergonomic tooling by inserting/removing a number of light, modular segments and moving the end segments along the appropriate supports.

The P4 sheet manipulator ensures accuracy with the integrated rotator turning the blank to the proper angle for bending.
Sheets are handled, gripped and rotated by the manipulator, clamp and rotator respectively: sheet movement throughout the entire processing cycle is both fast and totally automatic. The controlled descent of the clamping unit reduces cycle times and regulates clamping force. The innovative structure and the digital drives that control the electric motors mean that sheet gripping and rotation remain precise and accurate throughout the entire life cycle of the Panel Bender. The continuous rotator ensures an angular resolution of 0.01° for more flexible production - even with polygonal panels.

Sample Applications of Panel Bending:

  • Electrical cabinets, control boxes and enclosures
  • Precision panels for computer chassis, heat exchangers and vending machines
  • Tool drawers for utility trucks
  • Lockers
  • RV door panels
  • Doors, drawers & shelves
  • Metal furniture
  • Light fixtures
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Floor & ceiling systems
  • Boxes & enclosures.


A multipress punching machine, programmable, automatic, flexible, controlled by computer and equipped with an integrated hydraulic head and right-angle shear, it minimizes the logistics of handling incoming material and maximizes the production of outgoing components.

Unlike traditional punching machines having a single press and a mechanism which automatically takes a punch and its die from the tool magazine to the work position underneath the press, the S4 has as many presses as it has tools available: so that each tool can work independently of the others, where it is.

The combined shear adjacent to the multi-press head, incorporated in a single structure with a single manipulator, makes an extremely compact, high-performance multifunctional system.
Another advantage lies in the option of operating the machine in line with P4 Panel Benders.


Salvagnini’s expertise in integrating sheet metal processing machines is well-recognized.
The first totally automatic flexible factory for lights-out production of electrical cabinets was supplied to America back in 1984.
The Company has the ability to offer and produce flexible systems that are both automatic and integrated. These solutions are specifically designed to support the latest production techniques such as kit production, lean production, unmanned production, JIT production and batch one.

The S4+P4 System punches, shears and bends metal parts from standard blanks with no intermediate handling of the partly-machined workpieces.
Can be configured in many ways, also highly automated with loading/unloading to/from storage & retrieval systems.
It eliminates the costs generated by the intermediate handling of materials and semi-finished products and is consequently able to optimize production lead-times and improve workshop logistics. It is helped in this by the flexibility and programming software, which makes unmanned "lights-out" production a reality.
It can be used both as a combined machining center for punching, shearing and bending panels, in order to satisfy the latest requirements for kit production, and as separate system which punches and shears blanks on one side and bend different panels on the other, thus guaranteeing the maximum flexibility of both operation and production.

Technical services that we provide to Salvagnini equipment owners:

  • Disassembly and installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Rebuild
  • Relocation
  • Repair
  • Software
  • Tooling Solutions
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